Animated Selfie Maker


Download for OS X v0.1.0

What is the animated selfie maker?

Selfies are classically a snapshot of a particular moment, so I wanted to extend that moment so lets extend that a little and make the moment of capturing a selfie a little longer.

So this is an app for OS X to to create animated selfies! It uses your webcam to make an animated gif which can then be shared  with friends on social networks.

Gif of Weasley the ginger cat moving his head around
Even Cats like it

Pro tip: Drag your animated selfie into the iMessage to send animated gifs to your friends.

Create Gifs like this!

Coming Soon.

  • Social sharing. Share to Facebook and twitter in one click
  • Settings to control how many frames to capture and at what speed – this will let you make your selfies as long or short as you like
  • Filters – Get creative with different tones and shapes for your selfies.

What will you create?

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